Altaria Pokemon Crochet Pattern – free!

Difficulty- Beginner/Intermediate

Supplies needed:

3.5 mm crochet hook

small amount of light blue and white yarn

8mm plastic safety eyes

Stitch GLossary: (American Abbreviations)

sc – single crochet

dec – single crochet decrease (join two single crochets together)

inc – single crochet increase (two single crochet in the same stitch

MR 6 – Magic Ring with 6 stitches (a way of forming a starting ring. look up “magic ring crochet”)

sc(number) – how many times to do that stitch

(set of stitches)x(number) – how many times to complete a sequence of stitches

{number} – how many stitches you will have in a round



Round 1: MR 6

2: inc6 {12}
3: (inc, sc) x6 {18}
4: (2sc, inc) x6 {24}
Rounds 5-7: sc around {24}
8: sc6, inc2, sc7, inc2 {28}
9: sc7, inc3, dec, sc3, dec, inc3, sc8 {32}
10: sc5, (dec, sc)x2, (dec, sc2)x2, (dec, sc)x3, dec, sc5 {27}
11: sc3, dec, sc2, dec2, sc2, dec, sc, dec2, sec2, dec, sc, dec (join rows 11 and 12 with this decrease.)
12: (starting after the previous decrease) sc5, dec, sc2, dec, sc5
Rounds 13-14: sc around {15}

Fasten off and weave in the end.

At this point your Altaria’s head should be taking shape, it should look a little flat in the front with Tweetie Bird cheeks. 🙂 Don’t worry if it still looks a little strange though.


1: MR 6
2: inc6 {12}
3: (sc, inc)x6 {18}
4: (sc2, inc)x6 {24}
5: (sc3, inc)x6 {30}
6: (sc4, inc)x6 {36}
7: sc5, inc5, dec, sc, dec, inc4, dec2, sc2, inc5, dec2, sc {43}
8: sc5, (inc, sc)x4, dec, sc, dec, (inc, sc)x4, dec, sc, dec, (sc, inc)x5, sc2, dec, sc {54}
9: dec, sc4, inc, sc2, inc, sc5, dec2, sc4, inc, sc2, inc, sc4, dec, sc, dec, sc4, inc, sc, inc, sc2, inc, sc2, dec, sc,
10: dec, (sc2, inc)x2, sc3, inc, sc4, dec, sc, dec, sc2, inc, (sc2, inc)x3, sc2, dec3, sc, inc, sc3, (inc, sc2)x2, inc, sc, dec {56}
11: sc around {56}
12: dec, sc12, dec4, sc10, dec4, sc11, dec2
13: dec3, sc2, dec, sc2, dec3, sc2, dec, sc2, dec4, sc2, dec, sc2, dec, sc, dec2 (the last decrease of this row joins rows 13 and 14 together)

Note: for these next rows, you will be turning your piece. this is to make the hole for Altaria’s head closer to the edge of the cloud.

14: (after the decrease that joined 13 and 14): dec5, *TURN*
15: (going in opposite direction) sc, dec, sc, dec6, sc, dec, sc2, *TURN*
16: sc3, dec, sc2, dec

Fasten off and leave a tail for sewing.

Now you’re ready to stuff and attach the pieces! But DON’T FORGET to attach the safety eyes before you sew the head on!!!

For the cheeks, I made two Magic Rings, each with 6 stitches.

For the beak, make a Magic ring and then sc around twice.

For the tail and head-taily thingies, make chains. For the head, two chains of 13. For the tail, three chains of 8, and two chains of 12.

I hope you enjoy your Altaria! Feel free to make as many Altaria as you’d like for yourself and your friends, but I worked very hard to put this pattern together for you so please do not republish it as your own. Thanks! 🙂

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