Hedwig Amigurumi Crochet Pattern – free!

It was the birthday of a friend of mine, and I decided I wanted to make her a Harry Potter themed gift. I made her a hedwig and ravenclaw gloves. She loved them! This is the pattern for the Hedwig doll.



Diffiulty- Intermediate

Size – Approzimately 3 inches tall. (So adorable!!)

Supplies Needed –

– 3.5mm or 4mm crochet hook

– small amount of white acrylic yarn (RedHeart works great)

– scraps of black yarn

– Black and Yellow felt for the eyes

Stitch Glossary :

MR(number) : Magic Ring with (number) of single crochet in it. Magic Rings are extremely simple. Just search for Magic Ring on the Internet or Pinterest.

sc(number) : Single Crochet (number) of times.

inc(number) : Two single crochet in the same stitch, (number) of times.

dec(number) : Decrease single crochet by joining two single crochet together.

hdc(number) : Half double crochet.

*turn* : Turn your project instead of continuing around.

(sequence of stitches)x(number) : Repeat that sequence of stitches, (number) of times.




working in rounds.

Round 1: MR6
2: inc6
3: (inc,sc)x6
4: (inc, sc2)x6
5: sc around
6: (inc, sc4)x5
Rounds 7-9: sc around
10: sc15, (dec, sc)x5
11: sc11, (dec, sc2)x3
12: sc13, (dec, sc2)x2
13: dec, sc17
14: (inc, sc) around
15: inc, sc, inc, sc2, inc, sc4, inc, sc2, inc, sc, inc, sc11
16: sc around
17: sc, (dec, sc3)x6, sc
18: dec, sc2, dec, (sc3, dec)x2, sc2, dec, sc3, dec, sc2
19: (dec, sc2)x5, sc
20: (dec, sc)x4, dec2
21: dec2. *stop crocheting*
Stuff and cinch it up!


(make two)

Round 1: MR6 *turn* (do not join the ring together with a slip stitch)
2: inc5, sc *turn*
3: sc3, 3 sc into the next stitch, sc3, 3 sc into next stitch, sc3, *turn*
4: sc4, 3 sc into the next stitch, sc6, hdc, dc3

Now use those scraps of black to make little V shaped feathers in the wings. I used RedHeart medium weight acrylic, so I separated the strands and only used one. Sew them onto the bird. Next embroider the beak in black, (I used two strands of the RedHeart.)
The eyes are just two circles of felt, glued on.

Enjoy! Feel free to make as many baby hedwigs as you would like, but I worked very hard to make this pattern and I ask that you do not republish it as your own or sell anything you make with it. Thank you!